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Convinced that a good bottle is the work of both : a terroir and men of passion and conviction ; we are constantly looking for today’s seeds who will be the flowers of tomorrow. We select our wines for their excellence, for the emotion they bring us and for their ability to enhance the occasion of their tasting.

Eco-friendly Wine merchant

Caviste certifié bio

First ever labelized ECOCERT winecellar in France !

Winemakers committed to an environmental approach

More than 900 certified vintages (Organic, biodynamic or HVE), from more than 120 estates

Coming directly from domains

We buy directly from winemakers; over the years, real bonds have been built with them.


We order big quantities and encourage winemakers to group their deliveries to reduce our carbon footprint.

Continuous process of improvement

We act on a daily basis to transform our actions and be actors of a sustainable world.

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