Let’s all wear a Kilt! Well, Scottish Scotch are for the purists, followed by
Irish Whisky and all the Whiskies from all over the world. The variety of
styles is numerous and the collection is constantly growing.
Enjoy these grain spirit for pure pleasure!

Rhum, rum, ron

A bit of warm sand, a hammock and a cabana, that’s all we dream about
with a bit of rum.
The warm and invigorating rum from the French islands, can be enjoyed in
winter with a fluffy blanket. The fruity rum from Caribbean is a great refreshment in summer.
Indeed, there are many moments and varieties of rhum, rum, or ron!


The great French classic! As one of the most world-famous spirit, Cognac is
charming connoisseurs by its authenticity. It does as well, bring some originality with more trendy cuvées.
France considers Cognac as a strong pride, deep within its heritage: the
perfect timeless spirit.


Often compared to its neighbour (Cognac), Armagnac has its own still.
Its type is composed of successive trays, which allow a single distillation,
and creates a smooth and round spirit.
Here, everything is Gascon! From the grape to the still, including the terroir.
So, no more asking differences between Cognac and Armagnac or purists will turn over in their grave!


Today, gin is a true white spirit in its own right! It has made its way on the
shelves of wine-cellars and even more so among bars.
It has been able to reach the level of the emblematic Mojito in our summer
cocktails. And, we are still discovering seasonal variations.
The distilleries compete for originality with new aromatic blends, which
are as delicate and balanced as the most luxurious perfumes.
From wild herbs and plants, or more exotic and endemic fruits, tell me
what gin you drink, I’ll tell you who you are!


A special water from Slavic countries, vodka is the most widely consumed
spirit in the world. Its production has therefore quickly expanded to countries other than Russia, offering trendy tasting products. Traditionally made from cereals, potatoes, beetroot or even fruits, we can nowadays find multiple options.
So, vodka is not only the student’s alcohol used only for shots, it can also
be savored !

Tequila & mezcal

Tequila is Mexico’s national drink, and Mezcal is its ancestor.
Tequila was born in the state of Jalisco while Mezcal comes from the Oaxaca province.
Both products are made from agave, which is a kind of cactus.
They are both perfect alcohols for mixology and well known, thanks to the Margarita cocktail. They are also pleasant to drink on its own, especially Mezcal thanks to its particular flavor (due to the cooking process of the agave).

Fruits Schnapps

Fruits from all times and all countries are distilled to bring out its aromatic range.
In Alsace, land of distillation and orchards, you can find many specialities such as the Quetsche d’Alsace, the Quince, the Raspberry but also the eternal Williams Pear!
The key to success lies in the quality of the fruit and the expertise of the distiller.


精米歩合 , 日本酒度 , 使用酵母     ?

Didn’t you understand anything? Don’t panic, the Théâtre du Vin will translate for you and take you on a journey to the land of the rising sun!
Japan has a strong  astronomic culture, and they savor sake as we do wine.
However, sake still remains mysterious in Europe.
In order to help you discover this beverage, we selected traditional and originals products coming directly from small Japanese farms.
Sake offer a unique taste dimension thanks to its “umami” flavour.


Having a strong historical background, liquor are traditionally made with plants, roots & berries. They are known to have medicinal virtues. From years to years, Many of them did not manage to survive the advent of modern times. We can find new style of liquor, made of fruits and all kind of flavors. 

Liquor Wine

Pineau des Charentes is certainly the most representative of its category. Like many emblematic products of our beautiful country, its birth is due to a clumsiness. At the end of the 16th century, a young man was asked to fill barrels with new wine. He had not realized then, that in one of them, cognac was still there… And Pineau des Charentes was born. 

Anise-based spirits

True symbol of the  Mediterranean, these sunny, fresh and spicy alcohols can
be enjoyed either with a few dashes of water or pure on ice.
Star anise, green anise, fennel and angelica… Each country and each brand has its own recipe, kept a secret in its flask.
Ouzo, raki, pastis or anisette… And it’s always best with a « Pétanque » game.