At the Théâtre du Vin, we still have our childhood spirit, as well as a constant enthusiasm, curiosity and thirst for discovery. It led us to transmit
our knowledge in an accessible and fun way!
Here, no pompous vocabulary that only professionals would understand ! We speak about wine with simplicity. After all, it’s the best way to create a warm and friendly atmosphere ! No matter its origin, what matters is that the wine matches your tastes.
To do this, we opted for a new type of classification, not by regions, but using the game « 7 Families ». In our classification, wines are organized according their characteristics and typicities.
Let’s admit it, it’s a pleasure to see Languedoc, Rhône and Loire united in harmony !

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Sparkling wines

Whether fine, lively or delicate, the bubbles invite themselves (or rather we invite them) to our festive moments or our intimate meals. These are wines that are meant to be refreshing, and to be enjoyed as an aperitif. We can also savour them during the meal, to enhance dishes.
Well, let’s pop the cork !

Fresh & dry white wines

The grape is certainly at the centre of this family. The freshness and lightness of these wines make them easy to drink at any time. Authentic and instantaneous, they leave us with a subtle and fresh mouthfeel (from mineral to dry).

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Round & generous white wines

Neither too opulent nor exuberant, these wines are full of elegance and aromas. Filled with sunshine and ripeness of pulpy grapes, we enjoy their flavors and generosity.

Dry & Fruity rosés

The sun, hammocks, holidays & friends… so many things that rosé wines evoke in us. But what about wine? Should we forget about it?
We are ready to prove to you that rosés deserve more than just an ice cube thrown into the glass during an impromptu aperitif.
Whether they are classic, sparkling, spicy or original, let yourself be surprised!

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Light & fruity red wines

Some people call them light or « glou-glou wines », which can be drunk at any time of the day.
For sure, everyone will find the ideal wine for a random day, a Sunday lunch, a happy hour or at 11 am on a public holiday.
The fresh and fruity red wines can please everyone, from 18 to 97 years old, amateurs or connoisseurs.

Intense and lickerish red wines

For the foodies among you, the wines of this family will awaken your palates. The intensity and exuberance of these red wines are the perfect pairings for generous and convivial dish.
Who said that being a foodie was a sin ??!

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Full-bodied and tannic red wines

If you want to taste a strong and powerful wine, it’s here! You will find Châteauneuf-du-Pape, Saint Estèphe, Vosne Romanée, among others, and even wines from outside of our borders.

Let yourself be overwhelmed by the energy & aromas of the most beautiful vintages of France and beyond !

Sweet and dessert wines

Sauternes would be the most popular, but we can find all the pleasure of great sweet wines in other areas.
The sweetness and intensity of these wines fill our palate with exotic fruits, honey, Christmas spices, candies and caramel…
The perfect flavors to bring you back in your childhood.