The Théâtre du Vin is THE meeting place for wine lovers. About 2,000 wines are available, from prestigious appellations to the most discreet ones. We suggest wines offering a human approach : famous wines or anonymous, they are all in the same boat, here by their merits, not by their pedigree!
Convinced that a good bottle is the combined work of a terroir and men of passion and conviction, we are constantly looking for today’s seeds who will be the flowers of tomorrow. We select our wines for their excellence, the emotion they bring us and for their ability to enhance the occasion of their tasting.

Vins blancs vifs et légers Strasbourg Marché-Gare

Winemakers' wines at winemakers' prices!



Our speciality? The four-leaf clover & wines to drink with your buddies.
Over the years, many of these wines have been put in the spotlight; these recognitions confirm us that our work is made well and it’s happily that we continue to offer this beautiful selection.

Wine is always an encounter, it tells a story : the story of its terroir and of a winemaker’s expertise. While tasting, the story keeps on going, and creates new stories.
As a wine merchant, Théâtre du vin is in a way, a storyteller. This is why we are keen to work with independent winegrowers & human-sized estates. We would stay for hours, in the vineyard or in the cellar, listening to these wonderful storytellers !
We prefer to collaborate with winemakers who have a real eco friendly commitment. Those who work in the respect of the environment, the respect of the product they make and of the consumer.
Therefore, most of the estates we market are committed to an organic, biodynamic and even natural approach.

In the family "Intense and lickerish red wines", I ask...!

Courtyard and garden side

At the Théâtre du Vin, we still have our childhood spirit, as well as a constant enthusiasm, curiosity and thirst for discovery. It led us to transmit our knowledge in an accessible and fun way!
Here, no pompous vocabulary that only professionals would understand !
We speak about wine with simplicity. After all, it’s the best way to create a warm and friendly atmosphere ! No matter its origin, what matters is that the wine matches your tastes.

To do this, we opted for a new type of classification, not by regions, but using the game « 7 Families ». In our classification, wines are organized according their characteristics and typicities.
Let’s admit it, it’s a pleasure to see Languedoc, Rhône and Loire united in harmony !

Behind the scene

Wine merchant, creator and organizer of wine events, the Théâtre du Vin is a group of professional sommeliers. Their expertise, sense of service, and knowledge of the products is the reason why, over the years, they built up a reputation and loyal relationships with their suppliers and customers.

All on stage!

Matt black walls and ceilings, a waxed concrete floor, a delicate light that highlights the oak wood and illuminates the bottles without rustling them.

Winner CCI-Commerce Design and Public Favorite 2018

A story in 4 acts

Histoire du Théâtre du Vin

We care not only to sell wine, but also to transmit its emotion!